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Directive 2004/54/EC, implemented by Italy with Legislative Decree No 5 October 2006 264, provides that in tunnels over 500 meters lenght are respected minimum safety requirements of the Trans European Road Network (TEN). In particular, in all tunnels longer than 1,000 meters or, if shorter, but with traffic density more than 2000 units, you have to install radio communications equipment to ensure the management of assistance to institutions responsible for emergency rescue, as the Traffic Police, the Fire Brigade, the Emergency Health and ANAS.
BPG Communications is specialized in the design, supply and installation of solutions for the retransmission of analog and digital signals, which allow you to communicate by radio in mines, pipelines, tunnels, highways and rail tunnels.

Systems for the coverage extension of radio signals in tunnels can operate in the frequency range between 70 and 470 MHz by using a single common infrastructure and radiant.
Tunnel Ext In addition to professional mobile two-way communication(PMR) analog and digital (TETRA) for emergency services and law enforcement, is it also possible the unidirectional diffusion of the FM frequency (88-108MHz). If there is a control center, you can interrupt radio re-broadcasting of channels intended for tunnel users, for emergency messages.

A detailed design for each installation, using commercially available equipment on the market and with the necessary approvals and certifications, permits the realization of systems capable of responding to specific requests of each gallery.

BPG Radiocomunicazioni works made up till now, started with standard systems from 1 to 5 channels untill works with an high level of system integration such as radio communications facilities for international Frejus motorway tunnel (12.8 km) and Mont Blanc (11.6 Km), where it currently employs over 30 channels of bi-national services for the Fire Department, Border Police and Gendarmerie, Medical Assistance, private radio digital network TETRA for broadcasting companies FM+ RDS. These systems are also centrally managed by the centralized checkpoint (PCC).

Sala Controllo
Sala Server In more simple installations, radio signals of services outside the tunnel are collected through duplex transmission equipments (outdoor) placed near the tunnel entry and connected to a system of antennas for each band of frequency, appropriately interconnected to other duplex transmission devices (indoor) connected to a medium of transmission installed inside a tunnel, through appropriate branching systems of antenna. At the preliminary design stage is very important to forecast a measures campaign to establish signal levels of the different services available in the immediate vicinity of the tunnel to establish a feasibility study (sometimes taken for granted and underestimated by the contracting authorities).

To define a suitable dimensioning of the radio system is necessary to study and identify the most suitable means of transmission to be installed inside the gallery. Depending on the number of channels to be retransmitted, the frequencies used and the complexity / length of the tunnels, the radiant system that will provide a useful signal for the entire journey can be made up of antennas, cracked cable or by a combination of both.

In tunnels of considerable complexity, such as those involving multiple radio frequencies or sets of interconnected tunnels, the best approach is the use of outdoor units with indoor units interconnected via fiber optics.

Tunnel The progressive signal attenuation in the cable radiation, especially at higher frequencies, is overcome by the insertion of appropriate line amplifiers at intervals along the path of the network. The gain of these amplifiers is calculated carefully in the design phase in order to define the appropriate size to overcome power losses along the cable and allow the inclusion of additional stretches of radiating cable, extending the route covered by the signal. The radiating cable is installed along all the length of the tunnel: in case of twin-tube tunnels the cable is installed in each tunnel.

The cracked radiant cable is a transmission medium of diffusion of broadband signals: it is therefore possible to create multi-channel broadcasting system capable of managing multiple services in different frequency bands. Using appropriate techniques of multiplexing and combination, the various signals received by the radio networks of the various emergency services, are routed to a single port for the connection to the antennas or radiating cable.


competence of its engineering department and its highly qualified engineers and specialist on the basis of the gained experience, BPG Radiocomunicazioni is available to customers for:
  • Consulting Services
  • Feasibility studies and radio measures
  • Technical support during the preparation of the preliminary and executive draft
  • Supply of materials and equipments
  • Provision of systems and complete turnkey solutions
  • On-site installation of equipment
  • Preparation and installation of cables and interconnections
  • Training and technical assistance on-site
  • Remote support and maintenance


21/23 Settembre 2023
42a Edizione delle Giornate della Polizia Locale - Riccione

Giornate Polizia Riccione Banner

BPG Radiocomunicazioni sar presente alla 42a Edizione delle Giornate della Polizia Locale e Sicurezza Urbana che si terr a Riccione dal 21 al 23 settembre 2023 presso il PALARICCIONE, per presentarVi le novit per comunicazioni radio professionali, videosorveglianza e sicurezza dei brand Hytera Communications Europe, Selea, e Cambium Networks.

Vi aspettiamo al nostro stand (L36 L37)!
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Hytera PT590 - Mission Critical TETRA Portable Radio

Hytera nuova PT590 TETRA

La radio portatile TETRA Mission Critical PT590 ha ereditato tutte le funzionalit dalla radio TETRA di prima generazione di Hytera e ha aggiunto molte nuove funzionalit. PT590 offre una migliore qualit vocale, una copertura di comunicazione pi ampia e un posizionamento pi accurato, garantendo comunicazioni mission-critical in ogni momento.

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HP5 Series Hytera - La radio DMR entry-level con chiamate selettive analogiche

Hytera nuova HP5 Series

BPG Radiocomunicazioni lieta di annunciare la nuova HP5 Series di Hytera Communication.

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BP515LF Hytera - Radio ricetrasmittente portatile DMR senza licenza

Hytera BP515LF

Robusta ed affidabile, questa radio digitale offre una soluzione di comunicazione semplice, ideale per gli utenti che operano in ambienti di produzione, gestione di strutture o istruzione.
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Comunicazioni sicure con radiomobili professionali

Funivia banner

Esistono ambiti lavorativi, come quello dei professionisti della montagna, che necessitano di soluzioni di comunicazione che spesso non trovano riscontro nella telefonia pubblica ma necessitano di sistemi radiomobili professionali.
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Hytera PNC560 - Smartphone POC progettato per il Mission-Critical

Hytera PNC560

BPG Radiocomunicazioni lieta di annunciare il nuovo PNC560 lo Smartphone POC Rugged di Hytera Communication.
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Potenzia le tue operazioni con la nuova gamma HM6xx e HR655

Hytera HM6xx e HR655

Hytera, leader globale nelle comunicazioni radio professionali, presenta le nuove radio mobili DMR HM6 Series e il nuovo ripetitore DMR compatto HR655.
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7/9 Ottobre 2022 - REAS


BPG Radiocomunicazioni lieta di invitarti al REAS - Salone dell'Emergenza, il pi importante evento nazionale dedicato alle tecnologie per la gestione del primo soccorso, delle calamit naturali e delle situazioni di rischio, in programma presso il Centro Fiera del Garda di Montichiari (BS) dal 7 al 9 ottobre 2022.

Ci troverete presso lo stand Advantec padiglione 5 stand A23
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Hytera - Nuova MNC360

Hytera nuova MNC360

BPG Radiocomunicazioni lieta di annunciare la nuova MNC360S il terminale POC veicolare di Hytera Communication.

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Ricerca personale a Roma

Ricerca Personale

BPG Radiocomunicazioni per il potenziamento del settore tecnico-commerciale operante nella provincia di Roma ricerca giovane laureato in Ingegneria Elettronica o Telecomunicazioni.

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Hytera - Nuova PNC360S

Hytera nuova PNC360S

BPG Radiocomunicazioni lieta di annunciare la nuova PNC360S Radio POC piccola e compatta di Hytera Communication.

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Hytera - Nuova VM750D

Hytera nuova VM750D

BPG Radiocomunicazioni lieta di annunciare la nuova Bodycam VM750D di Hytera Communication.

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Hytera - Nuova PDC680

Hytera nuova PDC680

BPG Radiocomunicazioni lieta di annunciare la nuova PDC680 DMR/LTE di Hytera Communication.

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Hytera - Nuova serie BP5

Hytera nuova serie BP5

BPG Radiocomunicazioni lieta di annunciare la nuova serie BP5 DMR di Hytera Communication.

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1 Seminario dei Comuni olimpici

Banner Polizia Locale

BPG Radiocomunicazioni sar presente alla prima Edizione del Seminario dei Comuni Olimpici organizzata dal gruppo Maggioli in collaborazione con l'Unione Montana Comuni Olimpici Via Lattea che si terr a Sauze D'Oulx il 28 Gennaio 2022 presso il Teatro d'Ou.

Saremo lieti di presentarvi le migliori tecnologie sviluppate per la Polizia Locale, quali i sistemi radio e le BODYCAM RSVM (Remote Speaker Video Microphone) a marchio HYTERA con i nuovi modelli in grado di effettuare Video realtime verso la centrale, le nuove soluzioni di centrale operativa COM e le soluzioni di videosorveglianza e lettura targhe a marchio Selea srl.

La partecipazione gratuita previa iscrizione

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